Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Patent-Business Strategy Workshop

coofluence’s “Patent-Business Strategy" workshop on 25th August 2012 was a success.  coofluence and IPFACE (IP Facilitation Center (, and Venture Center, Pune ( jointly conducted the workshop. We had a highly motivated group of patent professionals as attendees. The discussions were lively and the whole session went off well.  We discussed multiple patent and business strategy aspects from the viewpoint of micro-startups to large businesses. The topics covered a comprehensive review of strategic aspects of:
  • Need for Patent Strategy
  • Inventing and Filing Strategies
  • Claim scoping
  • Business Decisions in Prosecution
  • Post Issuance Strategies
  • Monetization and Licensing Strategies
  • Pre-Litigation Strategies
  • Settlement Negotiations Strategies
  • Portfolio Creation and Management Strategies
Feedback for the workshop:
"It was a pleasure listening to you. This area of IPR – strategy – needs much work in India, and you have made a good start with an excellent workshop.  You knowledge is deep, your style is simple and effective. I enjoyed the whole day. So did Kishor Kanjilal [Senior IT and IP professional from the Airlines industry], whose interactions with you through the day, were a treat to me."

- Subramaniam Vutha, head of Subramaniam Vutha & Associates, an ACS, a leading IP and IT attorney and Former President, Licensing Executives Society (LES)-India.

More details of the topics covered are at an earlier blog post about the workshop: .
Here is our group of participants:
Patent Strategy  Inventing  filing Claim scoping Business Decisions Prosecution Post Issuance  Monetization Licensing Pre-Litigation Settlement Pune India coofluence eLearning