Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Book: Designing with Illustration

Steven heller karem pomeroy designing with illustration history of design coofluence eLearning courses learning content bestWe were keenly looking forward for the courier delivery person to arrive today. We were expecting an interesting book: “Designing with Illustration” by Steven Heller and Karen Pomeroy. Heller has written a number of books on design history.

Published in 1990, the book chronicles many well-known illustration practitioners. First group is titled, “Illustrators Who Design” with names like James McMullan who with the legendary designer Milton Glaser. Second group is titled, “Designers Who Illustrate” and Finally, the third group comprises the “Art Directors”.

The book is full of interesting illustrations and writing that shows thoughts of the designers behind some very well-known illustrations, e.g, the ones from MTV.

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