Monday, 1 October 2012

Digital Storytelling Examples from U.O.Houston

digital storytelling university of houston coofluence blog eLearningUniversity of Houston has an excellent collection of digital story telling examples. Many eLearning experts advocate a scenario based eLearning instruction design. This can be further extended to story based eLearning or games, which are essentially stories in action. But the scenarios or stories need to be rich and engaging. Instructional designers may not be the best storytellers by default. These examples can show how different stories have a different style of unfurling them. Stories and parables have had a hoary past. Stories are the earliest “instruction design” and have proved themselves as a timeless narrative format. Stories allow ample scope to repaint the story in your own imagination. The more stories we include in eLearning content, more users will enjoy eLearning courses.


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