Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gaping Void–Cartoonist Hugh McCloud

We discovered cartoonist Hugh Macleod via a story video on MailChimp’s website. Mailchimp describes him as:

“Gapingvoid's Hugh MacLeod has been doodling on business cards since 1997. Since then, he's built an empire out of blog posts, art prints, books, and daily emails.”

Hugh runs a blog Gaping Void where he sends out a daily cartoon. Hugh makes some interesting points in the MailChimp video:

1. A drawing is a social object that people want to share. People cut cartoons and stick on their doors to share with others.

2. Blogs aren’t being read everyday. So he sends out a daily cartoon to his core audience who share with their friends if they liked it.

3. Marketing becomes interesting when people share the message as a social object.

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