Saturday, 8 December 2012

"Patent-Business Strategy" course launched on

Last week, coofluence research launched it's eLearning course, "Patent-Business Strategy for Startup and Other Organizations" on Udemy platform. The course will be useful for startups and larger organizations both. 

Course link: 

The course description is below:

Why Learn Patent-Business Strategy? Business large and small, file patents every day. Patents as intellectual property assets contrasted with other assets need different strategies in their creation, management and monetization. Emerging businesses like startups need a specialized set of patent strategies merged with their business priorities that often pivot rapidly. Patent asset portfolios of large corporations share some similar problems with emerging companies but have challenges of a longer time-frame, competition, portfolio optimization and market power.
Startup (Emerging) Business Strategies: Startups or early stages of many businesses usually have a rapidly evolving business plan. Having a model of a patent strategy for a pivoting startup requires a simple and flexible set of strategy tools.   
Prerequisites: This is a strategy course focused on patents. As such there are no prerequisites. A bit of awareness about patents will be useful (coofluence offers a free introduction to patent course on Udemy in case you need to review some patent fundamentals). Overall, the course will have about 10 chapters each having many units. Each video lecture represents one unit.
NOTE: Chapter 1 is ready as of today and others chapters will be added in quick succession within next 3 months. This will help you pace your learning too. 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Access - No Limits

SECTION 1: Patent Strategy - Overview & Need

SECTION 2: Invention Strategies

    SECTION 3: Filing Strategies

      SECTION 4: Scoping Strategies

        SECTION 5: Prosecution Strategies

          SECTION 6: Post-Issuance Strategies

            SECTION 7: Licensing and Monetization Strategies

              SECTION 8: Offensive and Defensive Strategies

                SECTION 9: Portfolio Strategies

                  SECTION 10: Course Lounge

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