Thursday, 31 January 2013

HBR Blog: 8 Brilliant Minds Discuss Future of Online Education

HBR Blog is carrying an article about 
"Moderated by Thomas Friedman of The New York Times, [the panel included]: Larry Summers, former president of Harvard; Bill Gates; Peter Theil, a partner at Founder's Fund; Rafael Reif, president of MIT; Sebastian Thrun, CEO of Udacity; Daphne Koller, CEO of Coursera, and a 12-year-old Pakistani girl who has taken a number of Stanford physics classes through Udacity."

Here are some quotes:
Bill Gates: "Over the next few years the quality will improve. 90% of these courses will be long forgotten and never viewed. Over the next five years this transformation will be phenomenal but only through a pretty brutal winnowing out process."

Sebastian Thrun, CEO of uDacity
"I think the question is how do you make the credential have currency that an employer knows? We've had good success. We have 350 companies who have hired our students. Employers worry about soft skills and we can measure that and it's on equal performance with hard skills. The credential thing is interesting- we launched a class for credit with California schools for remedial math. We priced them at 10-15 percent of what college costs. There are lots of improvements to be made, but the outcome tends to be better today with us."

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